Smart People

The following listing makes no attempt to be exhaustive, but contains some blogs written or edited by some very smart and thoughtful people, whom I have had the fortune to count as friends and collaborators, from which you are sure to profit. Needless to say, being listed here does not count as anything like blanket endorsement.

Alastair’s Adversaria

A remarkably irenic and theologically nuanced voice in contemporary evangelical controversies, Alastair Roberts brings a staunchly Reformed, but politely British perspective to politics (ecclesiastical and otherwise) , religion, and culture.

The Calvinist International

A platform for advancing an authentically Protestant vision of civics and churchmanship, irenic in overall orientation, but not afraid to bash a few heads when necessary.  Run by Steven Wedgeworth and the uncommonly learned Peter Escalante.

Christian in America

Blog of Matthew Tuininga, soon-to-be Professor of Moral Theology at Calvin Seminary.  A good mixture of contributions from Reformed history and sane commentary on contemporary American politics and culture—a similar mix to this blog, in fact.  We’ve had our differences in the past, but there’s loads of great stuff to be gleaned here.

The City of God

Multi-contributor blog on Reformed politics and culture; my friend Andrew Fulford’s contributions are always worth reading.

Mere Orthodoxy

One of the best one-stop-shops for charitable and thoughtful evangelical discussion of contemporary cultural, theological, and political issues, edited by Jake Meador (and formerly by Matthew Lee Anderson).

Peter Leithart

My most influential mentor and one of the most creative and engaging voices today in Reformed and ecumenical theology on political theology, Biblical theology, liturgical theology, historical theology, you name it.  Sometimes eyebrow-raising, but always stimulating.

Political Theology

A multi-contributor blog on all things political-theological, sponsored by the journal Political Theology, and of which I am managing editor.


An excellent multi-contributor blog and website dedicated to orthodox but thoughtful Reformed theology and commentary on contemporary debates and cultural issues.

Writing in the Dust

Tumblr of one of the most refreshing voices in contemporary evangelical debates, Wesley Hill—best-known as the author of Washed and Waiting, and now teaches at Trinity School for Ministry.