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Books Authored

Richard Hooker: A Guide to His Life and Work.Littlejohn.RichardHooker.Littlejohn.RichardHooker.47351

Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2015.

Table of Contents:
1. Richard Hooker: The Myth
2. Richard Hooker: The Man
3. Richard Hooker: The Book
4. Hooker as Protestant
5. Hooker as Polemicist
6. Hooker as Philosopher
7. Hooker as Pastor
8. Key Themes: Salvation
9. Key Themes: Law
10. Key Themes: Scripture
11. Key Themes: Church
12. Richard Hooker: Contemporary

“’Richard Hooker’ is a name that many church people have heard of, but few have ever dipped into his works. When encountering this greatest of Anglican theologians for the first time, we need a guide and interpreter. Dr Littlejohn’s compact study of Richard Hooker will fill a gap in the literature and prove an eye-opener to non-specialists. He brings to bear an impressive range and depth of scholarship and critical insight to set Hooker in the context of the controversies of his times and guides us through the maze of contemporary interpretations of Hooker’s thought and significance.”
—Rev. Can. Prof. Paul Avis, Honorary Professor of Theology and Director of the Centre for the Study of the Christian Church at the University of Exeter

Read an extended excerpt here (Used with Permission of Wipf and Stock Publishers).

The Peril and Promise of Christian Liberty: Richard Hooker, the Puritans, and Protestant Political Theology.

Emory University Studies in Law and Religion. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, forthcoming April 2017.

LeviathanThis will be the published form of my doctoral dissertation.

Provisional table of contents:

Chapter 1: Different Kings and Different Laws: Christian Liberty and the Conflict of Loyalties in the Reformation

Chapter 2: Freedom for the Neighbor: Christian Liberty and the Demand for Edification

Chapter 3: “Exact Precise Severitie”: The Puritan Challenge to Prince and Conscience

Chapter 4: Richard Hooker and the Freedom of a “Politique Societie”

Chapter 5: Harmonized Loyalties: Conscience, Reason, and Corporate Moral Agency

Chapter 6: The Soul of a Christian Commonwealth: Politics in Submission to the Word

Chapter 7: “The Truth Will Set You Free”: The Peril and Promise of Christian Liberty

The Mercersburg Theology and the Quest for Reformed Catholicity.

Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2009. 214 pp.

“Deeply sympathetic to the Mercersburg theologians, Nevin and Schaff, Littlejohn presents a plea for Reformed theology to take Church, sacraments, and apostolic succession seriously as divine means of salvation. By linking Mercersburg to the Oxford Movement, Eastern Orthodoxy, and the Catholic movement of nouvelle théologie, this book contributes toward a renewal of Reformed theology. Littlejohn’s ressourcement of the Mercersburg Theology is courageous and stands as a model of solid ecumenical theology.”
—Hans Boersma, author of Violence, Hospitality, and the Cross and Nouvelle Théologie & Sacramental Ontology

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Books Edited

For the Healing of the Nations: Essays on Creation, Redemption, and Neo-Calvinism (Co-Editor).

Edited by Peter Escalante and W. Bradford Littlejohn. Moscow, ID: The Davenant Press, 2014. Proceedings of the Second Annual Convivium Irenicum. 302 pp.

“These essays serve helpfully to advance several important conversations occurring today on a number of fronts within Reformed theology and life. The subject range is broad enough to attract a wide range of participants into the conversation, and the comprehensive attention given by each author is sufficient to lead readers deeper into the relevant sources. But let the reader be warned: the history of ideas, including theological ideas, is neither as linear nor as univocal as we are often led to believe. In these essays you will encounter a number of iconoclastic claims, which simply means that you will be given the opportunity to join an expanding community of those who now have something more to think about. Enjoy!”

—Nelson D. Kloosterman, Worldview Resources International

Coena Mystica: Debating Reformed Eucharistic Theology (General Editor).

Edited by Linden DeBie; foreword by Anne Thayer. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2013. Second volume in the Mercersburg Theology Study Series. 246 pp.

“These are essential documents pertaining to one of the most important theological debates in American history. They remain of great interest today for not only deepening how Reformed churches might understand the Lord’s Supper in accord with Calvin, but also for the possibility of Reformed ecumenical convergence with churches from which they have long been divided. . . . The editors have performed a great service to theology and the church.”

—George Hunsinger, Princeton Theology Seminary, author of Eucharist and Ecumenism

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The Mystical Presence and the Doctrine of the Reformed Church on the Lord’s Supper (General Editor).

Edited by Linden DeBie; foreword by Mark Noll. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2012. First volume in the Mercersburg Theology Study Series. 384 pp.

“No single book on sacramental thought from nineteenth-century America has attracted more attention in the past half century than The Mystical Presence . . . This new edition by Linden J. DeBie and W. Bradford Littlejohn clarifies [Nevin’s] importance by placing his work in its American context, showing his engagement with European theologians, and locating him in his own theological tradition . . . Nevin’s work will continue to make a mark, and this new edition brings to bear the latest scholarship.”

—E. Brooks Holifield, Emory University, author of Theology in America.

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Book Chapters Contributed

“Bancroft v. Penry: Conscience and Authority in Elizabethan Polemics.”

In Paul’s Cross and the Culture of Persuasion in England, 1520–1640. Edited by W.J. Torrance Kirby and P.G. Stanwood. Leiden: Brill, 2014.

Sola Scriptura and the Public Square: Richard Hooker and a Protestant Paradigm for Political Engagement.”

In The Bible: Culture, Community, and Society. Edited by Angus Paddison and Neil Messer. Edinburgh: T&T Clark; forthcoming 2013.


Abstracts of these articles, as well as in some cases PDFs for download, are available on my page.

“Sectarianism and the search for visible catholicity: Lessons from John Nevin and Richard Hooker.” Theology Today 71:4 [forthcoming].

“The Search for a Reformed Hooker: Some Modest Proposals.” Reformation and Renaissance Review 16:1 (2015): 68–82 [forthcoming].

“Thomas Piketty and His Discontents: A Review Article of Capital in the Twenty-First Century.” Journal of Markets and Morality 17:2 (Fall 2014) [forthcoming].

“‘The Edification of the Church’: Richard Hooker’s Theology of Worship and the Protestant Inward/Outward Disjunction.” Perichoresis 12:1 (2014): 3–18.

“More than a Swineherd: Hooker, Vermigli, and the Aristotelian Defense of the Royal Supremacy.” Reformation and Renaissance Review 15:1 (2014): 78–93.

(With Jordan J. Ballor.) “European Calvinism: Church Discipline.” In European History Online (EGO). Edited by Irene Dingel and Johannes Paulmann (Mainz: Institute of European History [IEG], 2013).

Book Reviews

See also some of my online book reviews here.

“Littlejohn, W. Bradford. “Richard Hooker, Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity: A Critical Edition with Modern Spelling. Edited by A.S. McGrade.” University Bookman (Spring 2014).

Richard Hooker and the Vision of God: Exploring the Origins of Anglicanism. By Charles Miller.” Journal of Anglican Studies FirstView (2014): 1-3.

Between Babel and Beast: America and Empires in Biblical Perspective. By Peter J. Leithart.” Book review. Political Theology 15:1 (Jan. 2014): 10–12.

Richard Hooker’s Use of History in His Defense of Public Worship. By Scott N. Kindred-Barnes.” Book review. Journal of Anglican Studies FirstView (2013), 1–2.

Richard Hooker and Anglican Moral Theology. By A.J. Joyce.” Book Review. Anglican Theological Review 95:4 (Fall 2013): 34-36.

“Calvin and Commerce: The Transforming Power of Calvinism in Market Economies. By David W. Hall and Matthew Burton.” Book review. Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology 28/2 (Autumn 2010): 227-29.

“Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms: A Study in the Development of Reformed Social Thought. By David VanDrunen.” Book review. Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology 29/1 (Spring 2011): 131-35.

“The Hebrew Republic: Jewish Sources and the Transformation of European Political Thought. By Eric Nelson.” Book review. Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology 29/1 (Spring 2011): 144-46.