Online Articles

I have had the opportunity to write for a number of different online venues, and will continue to do so at several on a regular or irregular basis.  These include (click on each name to go to an index of all my posts there) Mere Orthodoxy, The Calvinist International, Reformation21, Capital Commentary, Political Theology Today, and The Center for a Just Society.  Before setting up this site, I also blogged extensively at The Sword and the Ploughshare (I am in the slow process of migrating the most substantial and important posts from there over to the blog on this site).  Below I have listed, in reverse chronological order, some of the articles that I continue to consider particularly relevant, interesting, and useful for getting a sense of where I’m coming from on various issues.  A fuller selection may be found by exploring the Topics pages on this site.  (More will be added as I continue to fill out this site.)

Hoffman-ChristAndTheRichYoungRulerRecovering the Catholic Doctrine of Private Property, Pt. 1 (August 2014)



jean-francois-millet-the-gleanersRecovering the Catholic Doctrine of Private Property, Pt. 2 (August 2014)



Three Things Conservatives Could Learn from Richard Hooker (February 2014)

Peter Enns and the Crisis of Evangelical Higher Education (April 2013)

The Gay Marriage Debate: Tactical Withdrawal or a New Paradigm? (April 2013)

The Two Kingdoms: A Guide for the Perplexed (Six-part series; November 2012)

Once More Into the Breach, Pt. 2: Clearing Up the Two Kingdoms Conversation (October 2012)

The Dark Knight and the Possibility of Political Judgment (July 2012)

Hooker in the Bedroom? Law, Liberty, and Things Indifferent (April 2012)