I am W. Bradford Littlejohn, husband to Rachel and father of the irrepressible Soren, Pippa, and Oliver, currently living in the beautiful Inland Northwest.  I have recently completed a Ph.D in Theology and Ethics from the University of Edinburgh, where I studied the complex interplay between law, authority (civil, ecclesiastical, and biblical), and Christian liberty in the English Reformation and the thought of Richard Hooker.  I am currently pursuing something of a hybrid vocation in teaching, writing, research, and what I call “academic facilitation,” while holding down a day job in finance (yes, it is a tad stressful, I’ll admit).  I am committed to bridging the often-separated spheres of church, academy, and public discourse in all of my work, bringing the resources of historical and theological research into conversation with the immediate needs and ethical challenges of the contemporary Christian community and American society.  Moreover, I am committed to trying to do all this as collaboratively as possible—which gets to what I mean by “academic facilitation”—organizing conferences, providing platforms for talented scholars to write and publish, bringing gifted people together in ambitious common project, and generally trying to build interconnectivity and interdisciplinarity in a fragmented world.  My chief vehicle for this at present is a nonprofit organization I have founded, The Davenant Trust, dedicated to a project of Protestant resourcement.  Please check us out and consider supporting us today.

Topically, I am particularly interested in the Reformation and early modernity, in Richard Hooker (in whose 2,000 or so pages I still insist that the answer to almost any problem can be found), in the development of political thought, economics, and social ethics, and in contemporary questions of legal authority vs. freedom of conscience, of the theory of private property, and inequality.  You will find some of my work on all of these themes and more here.  For my current list of formal publications, click here, and for online writings, click here.  For everything else, see my CV.  Aside from the Davenant Trust, here are my main current job descriptions:

Managing Editor, Political Theology Today
Adjunct Professor, Moody Bible Institute—Spokane
General Editor, The Mercersburg Theology Study Series
Member and Representative, Covenant Investment Advisors, LLC

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