“Not Just for Anglicans” says Oliver Crisp

Oliver-Crisp-theologian-at-Fuller-SeminaryA couple weeks ago, I shared the endorsements of my new book from Paul Avis and Torrance Kirby, both leading Anglican scholars, for which I was profoundly grateful. But as I have been eager all along to get Hooker on the radar of not just Anglican Christians, but Reformed folks and evangelicals more generally, I was particularly gratified to receive this endorsement from the possessor of Reformed world’s finest beard-spectacles combination, bar none, Oliver Crisp:

“Richard Hooker is the Theologian of Anglicanism. But is he a theologian for Anglicans alone? Assuredly not! In this Companion to Hooker, Bradford Littlejohn has produced a clearly written and accessible work that utilizes the recent resurgence of scholarly interest in Hooker to commend him to a wider audience. Not only does Littlejohn give an overview of key themes in the magisterial Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity. He also situates Hooker philosophically and theologically, and explains his enduring theological significance. It is sure to be a resource of choice for those seeking a way into the thought of this great post-Reformation divine.”

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