Another Blogging Hiatus

Apologies to all for my inactivity these past couple weeks, which is likely to continue, I’m afraid, for another week or two.  I will be defending my Ph.D dissertation, “The Freedom of a Christian Commonwealth,” on October 2nd, and the demands of preparing for that, as well as travel, illness, and other responsibilities, have forced me to postpone completion of my Dismissing Jesus review, as well as most other writing, until at least after the defense. 

I have written a couple items for other venues, however, which Id encourage you to check out.  One, “On the Follies of Contraceptive Historiography,” is a critique of Peter Lake and the sterile methodological orthodoxy he seems to impose on historical theology, and was recently posted at The Calvinist International.  Another, a two-part series on Edward Snowden, surveillance, and the “right to privacy,” will appear this Friday and next on

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