A Seven-Week Sabbatical

Having been informed by my supervisor that my Ph.D thesis is considerably closer to completion than I had deemed, I have resolved to throw caution, sanity, and blogging to the winds, and try to finish it by the 1st of June, the date at which I will be leaving these shores for good.

Accordingly, I will be spending the next seven weeks in an ascetic regimen, refusing to to indulge the urge to comment on matters of current debate and interest, or to compose ponderous essays on political or historical theology, as I frequently do here and elsewhere.  I may, and probably still will, post occasional quotes from my reading, and links to important things other people are writing, but don’t expect any substantial commentary again until June.  Indeed, if you do catch me blogging as before, you have my permission to chide me publicly for my irresponsibility.

I trust this silence won’t be too unbearable, and if you’re looking for good things to read in the meantime, just consult my Blogroll (or, better, go read the entirety of Hooker’s Lawes).

Till June, farewell!

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