Et Tu, Brute?

After a blogless week due to illness and continued work on blog renovations (the reason you haven’t seen any yet is that I’m reconstructing the blog on a whole new platform, although all the important content will carry over; stay tuned for a launch hopefully later this week), I’m popping in just to announce/confess that I am finally on Twitter, under the unimaginative moniker WBLittlejohn.  Yes, me, author of those anti-Twitter screeds this past year—although, to be clear, I never argued against Twitter as such, merely that it was a platform ill-suited for certain functions, and ripe for abuse.  Whether I shall be among the abusers, remains to be seen.  No doubt it will have deleterious effects on my already overtaxed productivity, as I’m already finding my Twitter feed full of diverting links and utterances.  Whether I shall be among those offering such engaging contributions, or whether I will find myself continually stymied by that shocking 160-character limit (a couple times today, I tried posting what I took to be very short quotes, only to find they were around twice the character limit), remains to be seen as well.  This is a highly experimental enterprise for a chronically sesquipedalian Luddite.  Stay tuned for the results.

At the very least, it means much fewer spammy posts here—the sort, like this one, where I announce some modest landmark in my online existence, or point your attention to something interesting someone has written elsewhere.  Hopefully in future, most such housekeeping and marketing can be done via Twitter (which, in any case, will appear in a little box on the upcoming renovated blog).  I look forward to “seeing” you there.

3 thoughts on “Et Tu, Brute?

  1. Bradley

    I give it a week. :-DActually, here's an idea: For every blogpost you publish you could provide a pithy Twitter summary, along with a link to said post. It might be a fruitful exercise to try and distil large thoughts into their most basic form, but you would also retain the broader context (since you'd be linking to it).


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