A Bit of Self-Promotion

Since people seem to be flooding over here from Facebook, drawn like moths to the candle of election-talk, I thought I might take this opportunity to link to a couple other things I’ve been writing recently, over on the Political Theology blog.  My “The Two Kingdoms: A Guide for the Perplexed” series soldiers on, with an installment last week, “From Luther to Calvin,” and one this week, “From Calvin to Hooker.”  Next week was supposed to be “From Hooker to Locke,” by Peter Escalante, but it looks like it may just be “Hooker” by me, with the “to Locke” part to follow in a separate installment.  We’ll see.  For long-time readers of this blog, the substance of these posts shouldn’t be anything new, but the hope is that, by distilling it all down to the bare bones and presenting it as a coherent historical narrative, the series may be of profit to those just wanting to dip their toes into the discussion.  

Also, earlier this week, the Political Theology blog hosted some reflections of mine prompted by Superstorm Sandy last week.  Meteorology is a major side-interest of mine, and the intersection between meteorology, media, and public policy is a particular fascination.  Sandy, I argue, uncovered some troubling trends in the American psyche.  For the details, trundle on over to “Superstorms and the Demise of Prudence.” 

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