Enough Already with the Two Kingdoms Stuff

I merely beg your patience once more, to let those interested know that the second part of my response to Tuininga, which is huge and will in all likelihood be my last, is now up on The Calvinist International.  In it I seek to point out the real trajectory of VanDrunen’s work, which it seems to me Tuininga’s charitable readings consistently obscure, and also try to carefully sort out how the church is and is not a manifestation of the age to come, and how it is and is not an earthly institution of the present age.

And, for a more survey-level overview of what this two-kingdoms debate is all about, my series “The Two Kingdoms: A Guide for the Perplexed” has started on the Political Theology blog, where it will continue in a projected five installments over the next few weeks—Pt. 2: Luther to Calvin; Pt. 3: Calvin to Hooker; Pt. 4: Hooker to Locke; Pt. 5: Why it all matters.


Over here, I will finally be turning my attention back to some contemporary matters, with a very contemporarily-relevant discussion of To Vote or Not to Vote next week.

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