Fermentations on Technology

At the beginning of this month, Fermentations printed Vol. 2, Issue 2, “Technology,” featuring, if I do say so myself, a fascinating interview on theology and surveillance technology that I did last summer with Dr. Eric Stoddart of St. Andrews, and all kinds of other provocative and entertaining explorations of the subject.  

From the contents page:

“Like a fish in water, we are so surrounded by technology that we are tempted perhaps to take it for granted.  Nearly every fixture of our lives bears man’s stamp, the product of more technologies than we can fathom, some of them as old as the hills.  The few who do pause to reflect on our technological saturation seem prone either to flee in terror from ‘those dark satanic mills’ or to charge ahead with bravado, confident that we can invent our way over every obstacle.

But neither the posture of diffident nostalgia nor of heedless optimism represent the judicious stance of Christian maturity.  In the following pages, our contributors offer a qualified celebration of technology, exploring how we can harness the power of our inventions without being taken captive by them, whether that be in the sphere of farming, surveillance, or the internet.

And if you get sick of reading about technology, you can stimulate your taste buds with a recipe for mayonnaise, your taste for poesy with an ‘Epitaph for a Hurricane,’ and your taste for ecclesiastical gossip with an account of the SBC’s diversity blues.” 

Watch for upcoming content from the issue (or better yet, subscribe) on our soon-to-be-dramatically-enhanced website.

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