Done Cathedraling

Dear readers,

I have now at last returned from the longest sabbatical I’ve taken from this blog, having witnessed some of the most incredible architectural tributes to the glory of God ever created, and enjoyed some wonderful time with my family.  In a departure from my usual topics, over the next couple weeks I will be posting some photos of the cathedrals and other religious sites we visited, compliments of my wife’s fine new camera.  (I had hoped to post some of these while I was traveling, but unfortunately, I didn’t have high enough bandwidth to upload the pictures.)

You can also hope to soon see those promised posts on creation/evolution by my friend Brad Belschner (although they proved not to be ready in time for the recent sabbatical), as well as the usual suspects that pop up around here with regularity–Richard Hooker, David VanDrunen, economics, etc.

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