Come Get Sanctified

In one month’s time, New College will play host to Rutherford House’s bi-annual Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference, and what a conference it’s going to be–one that anyone working in Christian ethics won’t want to miss.  The topic is “Sanctification,” with lectures by a fantastic lineup of ethicists, systematic theologians, historical theologians, and even a New Testament scholar.  Regular speakers and Reformed stalwarts Bruce McCormack, Michael Horton, and Henri Blocher will be back, and they’ll be joined by none other than our very own Oliver O’Donovan, plus Ivor Davidson from St. Andrews, Richard Lints from Gordon-Conwell, Templeton Award winner Julie Canlis, Kelly Kapic, and Grant MacAskill.  It’s hard to imagine this won’t be a memorable event.

Check out the programme, and if you’re somewhere in the British Isles, then get yourself up to Edinburgh next month!

5 thoughts on “Come Get Sanctified

  1. Brad Littlejohn

    Eh, I don't think so. Never actually read much of his stuff, to be honest. He does plenty of good work, but I understand that his basic paradigm is the whole "Reformed Two Kingdoms" thing, which, as you may have noticed by looking through this blog's archives over the last year, I consider to be the spawn of Satan. (Just kidding. I'm sure Satan spends his time on bigger projects, like cooking up the Tea Party. No doubt R2K is the product of a much lesser minion, like Wormwood.)But I do like Horton personally, having met him at the last Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference, and I like that he has an appreciation for Nevin. And I like that he does Reformed theology in actual conversation (to some extent at least) with the wider theological world, which is a rarity in my experience.


  2. PS Whatever you think of Horton, I do think he has by far the most interesting paper title. I've been thinking about that phrase for some time in relation to extra-human agency and the Spirit.


  3. Brad Littlejohn

    Hm…I'll try to blog what I can, but I'm not going to make any promises. Those McCormack posts were nearly the end of me last January, and with a trip planned for September, I'm going to be insanely busy this month.The good news is they always turn the conference into a book; the bad news is that it takes a couple years.


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