Less is More

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been doing such much-needed blog renovations upon the principle, “Less is more.”  

You will see the fruits of this pruning in at least three significant places.  
1) The Tag Cloud.  Many of you may have noticed that in recent months the tag cloud has swollen to unmanageable proportions.  If it was still a cloud, it was undoubtedly a cumulonimbus, and probably one with large hail to boot.  I’ve cut it back down to a modest cumulus cloud by only displaying tags that have been used three times or more.  While this has the unsatisfying result of further marginalizing the already marginalized, whisking neglected topics entirely out of sight, it’s the best solution I have at present.  

2) The “Resources” page.  When I set this blog up, I set up a page called “Links, Library, and More,” called just “Resources in the header bar.  This was a cool idea, supposed to include an extensive list of websites and books on important issues that occupied my reflections, so that if, for instance, you wanted to learn more about economic ethics than just my own opinion here, you would know some good places to look.  Unfortunately, I never found time to get this page more than half-complete, if that.  While I still hope to finalize it at some point, it seems better for now to display no page than a lame, incomplete page.

3) The “Writings” page.  I was planning to stop making all the papers on this page directly downloadable, and make them downloadable only upon request; however, this proved too difficult from a logistical point of view, so they are all still downloadable.  But I have removed any papers that I thought were mediocre or else just so quirky and idiosyncratic as to be confusing to anyone outside the NSA Master’s program (which, as it consisted of five students at most, would be pretty much everyone).  If for any reason you still want them, then just email me.  I have also updated all the other stuff on this page.

Additionally, you will find various minor changes to the sidebars, some of which have been reshuffled for symmetry and updated where outdated, and minor updates on the Projects page.  I hope that all these renovations will ensure that you have a pleasant stay at the Sword and the Ploughshare, and come back to see us again soon. 😉

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