Some Natural Law Goodies

I’m finally back and ready to start revving up my blogging engines for a summer full of many words, tags, and comments; but if I may be excused for the moment in indulging in what may look like another cop-out, I’ll use this post to point to some other interesting blog-posts that have just been written, which offer a good sketch of what the attempt to recover of a Reformational natural-law concept looks like, and suggest that Moscow, despite undeniable tensions and ambiguities, might not be too far off from it after all.  

See first Peter Leithart’s post, “Augustine and Saeculum.

Then see a thoughtful interaction by Steven Wedgeworth, “Secular? Private? It All Depends What You Mean” (valuable especially for the comments section, where Wedgeworth seeks to clarify the traditional idea of natural law in defence against the knee-jerk antipathy to it that many of us have inherited).

And then Doug Wilson offers a helpful take on the idea of natural law with his typical gift for down-to-earth illustrations: “Natural Law and the Brownies.”


I hope to offer my own take on all of this at some point soon (or this summer at any rate), so consider this for now just a bookmark.  

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