Theopolis: A Heart for the City

One of the projects I run is a website called Theopolis, a venue for New College students to reflect on the needs for Christian service and ministry here in the city of Edinburgh and more widely in our society, and to discuss how to work to meet those needs.  This semester, we started running a monthly meeting called “Theopolites,” where we actually carry on this discussion in person, instead of the virtual dialogue of cyberspace; the fruits of this reflection then make it onto the website in the following weeks.

The first round of reflections from this new format, “A Heart for the City,” is now being posted, and I encourage you all to check it out and follow our progress here; our focus is specifically on Edinburgh, but many of the needs we’ll be discussing are common to any major city in the modern West, so hopefully others can profit from it and join in the discussion as well.

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