Long Overdue Renovations

The flood of foreign blogsurfers who have strolled in to gawk at McCormack and his marvels has rendered more urgent a long-overdue task–updating this website!  After all, it was intentionally constructed as more than just a blog, but in my incessant blogging, I have left all the other corners of the site unattended so that they are now covered in a thick film of dust and cobwebs.  A glance back at the “About Me” page revealed that I was still apparently only an M.Th. student, and the Projects page was five months out of date.  The Resources page was never completed in the first place, and the Writings page has long needed to be made more secure (that is to say, soon you will not actually be able to download papers from it, merely read descriptions and email me if you want a copy; I am of a naturally trusting disposition, but a friend warned me that making anything and everything downloadable was probably a stupid thing to do).  

So I’ve set to work on a spring cleaning of sorts (mid-winter though it may be), and you can now read an up-to-date account of myself and a proper summary of the projects I’m working on right now.  If you’ve enjoyed the posts here, I particularly encourage you to do the latter–this will give you a good idea of where some of my passions lie right now, and I freely invite the input or suggestions or even collaboration of anyone who has interest or expertise in these areas.  This blog is intended to be more a platform for mutual edification than a platform to disseminate ideas.  Meanwhile, as time allows I’ll be working to spruce up the Resources and Writings pages, as well as various sidebars.

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