Traveling and Theopolis

I’ll be traveling and visiting family for the next two and a half weeks, so expect the posting here to be somewhat more sporadic than usual.  Stay tuned, though–not too long after I get back, Peter Escalante and I hope to resume the “Neo-Anabaptism” and natural law discussion for another round of iron sharpening iron–so expect to see some sparks fly!  Also, I expect to be hosting some great guest contributions here over the next couple weeks, which should pick up some of the slack while I’m traveling.

Meanwhile, bop on over to Theopolis to check out a new round of articles we have up–one from Byron Smith on the UK budget cuts, one from Jeremy Kidwell on how we should understand a carpenter’s Great Commission, and a slightly-revised version of the second half of the “Primer on Christian Citizenship” I posted here awhile ago.  There should be a couple more articles coming in too, but as I’m only the editor, and therefore neither omniscient, omnipresent, nor omnipotent, I can’t say just what has become of them.

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