Announcing Theopolis

At long last, Theopolis, the web-zine of practical ecclesiology that I’ve been asked to start up and edit for the New College Missionary Society, is up and running!  Please check out our snazzy spanking-new website.

From our mission statement:

Theopolis exists to challenge students to develop a theology of the city, a blueprint for the City of God–the Church–at work here in our own city of Edinburgh, and around the world.  Theopolis aims to focus our critical attention on the messy and jumbled intersection between the City of God, of which we are citizens, and the cities of this world, of which we are inhabitants–to think, in short, about our calling to practical ecclesiology.

Theopolis will feature three monthly segments–Praxis in Action, The Hard Questions, and Blueprints for Action–and two bi-monthly segments–The Word on the Street and Hot off the Press–by undergraduate and postgraduate students of New College.  These will include reflections on current issues facing our city and country, discussions of ministry needs in our community and how we might respond to them, reflections on broader ethical challenges that face the Church and Christian students today, and more.

Please check in frequently and join in the discussion.  I’ll be setting up a Facebook page soon, and if you join that, you can be notified whenever we put up a new set of articles.

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