Slowly but surely, like a young sapling flourishing in the spring sun, this new website is growing to maturity.  It now has a cool banner, which I hope you’ll appreciate.  I’ve updated the Projects page for now.  One of these days soon, I’ll actually update the Resources page properly.  

As this blog increases, its forerunner must decrease.  But not altogether.  I have arranged for a happy and comfortable retirement for the old Sword and the Ploughshare as a receptacle for any posts to random or informal to fit here.  Of course, I hope there will still be some diversity here, not just theology and politics; however, for the time being, this is probably not the best place to be posting thoughts about the causes of the inactivity of this hurricane season.  So, anyone interested in more eclectic and casual fare can venture over to http://www.johannulusdesilentio.blogspot.com when the fit takes them.

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