Grand Opening

My new website is finally up!  Not much, is it?  You are probably feeling like the Israelites in the wilderness–“Why did you lead us out here to die?  Things were better at the old blog.”  Fear not.  Have faith.  There’s lots of room for improvement, and lots of improvement there shall be.  It shall get prettier, for one thing.  There will be a little picture of a plough–I know you can’t wait. 

This is a very spacious place compared to the old blog.  There’s lots of room to explore, so go ahead, look around.  You can find my whole old blog here, archived and searchable.  You can learn about ongoing projects I’m working on on the Projects page.  You can find out more of what this is all about over on What is the S&P, or can find stuff to read on the Resources page.  If you want to actually read more of my stuff–more than the zillions of posts on the blog—you can find a whole bunch of stuff I’ve written summarized and downloadbable over on Writings.  And then there will be lots of new action here on the Main Blog. 

The best work is done in collaboration and conversation, so please jump in and spice up the discussion with your questions and comments whenever you find anything that interests you or provokes you, or have some insights that you know would be helpful.

Welcome to my new domain. 

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